Technical support

Use the offered engineering services e.g. if you need to solve:

  • the problematics of noise and vibrations in the development of machines and equipment (mainly from the field of transport, construction, agricultural technology or production systems and equipment)
  • design proposals of a smaller scale – proposals for various modifications, improvements (in accordance with the customer’s specifications, his technological capabilities, etc.)
  • design and verification of a suitable vibroacoustic method for the output inspection of your products (for automated measurements)
  • installation of sensitive devices with demanding requirements for their vibration isolation (e.g. precise measurement technique, electronics of various technological devices, laser technique, etc.)
  • verification of vibration tests – e.g. tuning of clamping devices (exclusion of resonances of these devices from the frequency range of testing), correct setting of testing parameters (check of the test profile, load), etc.
  • determination of the technical condition of the machine without the need for disassembly, at the place of its installation (utilizing vibrodiagnostic methods combined e.g. with measurements using a thermal camera, stroboscope, sonoscope, endoscope, etc.)
  • provision of technical measurements and analyses in connection with the solution of reducing excessive noise and vibrations of machinery
  • identification of places of unwanted heat leaks of various building objects (thermographic measurements from the exterior and interior of the respective object)
  • professional translations from/to English


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