About me

My business activities are the result of many years of practice with a focus mainly on NVH experimental methods, but also other technical measurements and analyses used in the development of vehicles. I offer especially measurements and analyses from the field of technical vibroacoustics and thermovision, as well as consulting and professional trainings. I completed engineering studies in field of construction of transport technique as well as PhD studies focusing on the optimization of dynamic properties of the powertrain of vehicles at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering STU in Bratislava. I also participated in a number of trainings and other professional events in the field. I worked in various positions in development departments of several renowned car manufacturers and their suppliers in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany. I was mainly involved to solving the problems of noise and vibration of the powertrain of vehicles, undercarriage systems (brakes and electromechanical steering systems), as well as the design of end of line testers based on vibrodiagnostics. In addition to the extensive number of measurements and analyses performed as part of solving various projects, I am also the author of more than 70 research and development works, studies, reviews, training materials, published professional articles, mainly in the field of vibroacoustics. Currently, I specialize primarily in structural analyses, design solutions for various devices in terms of optimizing their vibroacoustic properties (sound quality) and also in technical diagnostics of machines and devices (more on Ján Haško | LinkedIn).