Construction and simulations

Support in the development (or redesign) of various machinery (including technical equipment of buildings), especially from the point of view of optimization* of their vibroacoustic properties.

Design proposals:

  • creation of 3D models of parts and assemblies (e.g. for visualization, data generation for CNC, for 3D printing, etc.)
  • processing of drawing documentation (production drawings, bill of materials)
  • modification of drawings and models** etc.

Numerical analyses:

  • numerical modal analysis of system components or even with modification of the calculation model based on experimental modal analysis (correlated model – using MAC, etc.) on prototype parts
  • mapping of natural frequencies of individual system components (“modal alignment charts”), with the possibility of revealing problem areas – the so-called “modal coupling”
  • computational structural modifications of the system (design of a tuned mass damper, etc.) also with a sensitivity analysis (DoE)
  • dynamic analyses of linear systems – calculation of steady response (displacements, velocities, accelerations, tensions) due to harmonic loading
  • computational acoustic modal analysis of closed spaces (vehicle interior, operator control room, etc.)
  • design of flexible seating of various aggregates, pipe systems, etc.
  • solutions and analyses of silencers (for different systems, etc.)

* Optimization of vibroacoustic properties is usually associated with improvement of functional properties, fatigue characteristics, reliability and lifetime.

** Data exchange options – import and export of data in the following formats: 2D – dwg, dxf, possibly pdf, png, jpg, gif / 3D – stp, igs, sat, stl, possibly bmp, jpg